Inner Temple Calendars 1505 – 1845

Amazing what is coming online these days, it seems as if everyone has suddenly seen the advantage of digitizing their archives and placing them on the internet. A recent addition is the Calendars of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple 1505 – 1845. If you have ancestors who practised law then this site has to be a must.

I don’t understand the process whereby a graduate of law became admitted to an Inn and it’s chambers and then called to the bar, but I do know that this website has a lot to offer those with ancestors who practised law. The website offers a brief history of the site that the Inner Temple occupies, the buildings, the Archives as well as offer access to the digitized calendars and an Admissions database 1547 – 1920. Lots of lovely webpages to keep a genealogist happy.

A search of the Admissions database for the name Pottinger came up with 7 entries.

Using Richard Pottinger as an example I found the following on his record.

First name Richard
Last name (standard) Pottinger
Last name (given) Potenger
Admission date 22 April 1769
Call date n/a
Bench year n/a
Leaving date not known
Date of death not known
Judicial Appointment not known
Father’s name John Potenger
Father’s occupation Gentleman
Father/son relationship Eldest son
Father’s address City of London

I particularly liked that the surname was noted with a standard spelling and a given spelling. The surname Pottinger is one of those names that can have a wide variety of spellings and it seems that this database is well able to pick all the variations up in one search.

In my humble opinion m’ Lord a very useful website Winking smile

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