Incoming Passenger Lists U.K. 1878 – 1960

Passenger Lists Family History GenealogyThe original documents that this dataset comprises are held at The National Archive, Kew and is the Board of Trade’s passenger lists of ships arriving in the U.K. and whose voyage started in non-European ports. It should be noted that the term non-European applies to those countries that were regarded as being outside of Europe at the time of the compiling of the passenger list not countries that are now regarded as being in Europe.

It should also be noted that the vessels may have picked up passengers from ports inside of Europe and also that the United Kingdom may not have been the final destination of the vessels. The names on the indexes are linked to scans of the documents housed at TNA, Kew and come from collection BT26. These original documents should be checked as not all information will be included on the index.

The time periods covered are 1878 – 1888 & 1890 – 1960. Some lists are known to have been culled from the collection by the Board of Trade in 1900, these are thought to be mainly pre 1890 lists. Passengers from Commonwealth countries are listed separately from those from non-Commonwealth countries.

Information on passenger lists vary from list to list, but generally they will include name, age/birth date, arrival date & port, departure port (this may be different from the port given in the index and the original documents should be checked), ships name & line. Sometimes a U.K. address may be given and also where the last permanent place of residence was and also where the next place of permanent residence was expected to be. Families were often listed together and some tentative assumptions may be made as to relationship between those with the same surname.

Information about the ship can be obtained by clicking on the “search ship database” link once an individuals record has been selected.

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