History Videos Online

You Tube Lucy WorsleyYou can‘t really be a genealogist without having an interest if not a passion for history, well that’s what I think anyway! So if you aren’t a history fan then this post isn’t for you, but if you are and you haven’t visited YouTube before then a whole world is about to open up to you.

I’ve been reading Courtiers by Lucy Worsley and wondered what else was available so did a Google on her. That lead me to YouTube and a host of videos by her. Some are only 5 minutes long whilst others are up to an hour. Wonderful programmes about the 17th & 18th century ranging from Peter the Wild Boy to Charles II’s mistresses.

Also I came across videos of lecture given Gresham Collegeat Gresham College on You Tube, but it seems that Gresham has got it’s own website with a back catalogue of their past lectures. Gresham College hosts 140+ lectures a year that are open to the public and it is these that are offered on the website. There is everything from Geometrics to The Black Death. Lots of history lectures that will be of great interest to many family historians and invaluable for background research of the lives and times of our ancestors.



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