Historic School Records to go online

Goosey School House genealogyAlong the lines of it never rains, but it pours I have several items to post on today so here goes! Please note that they will all be done as separate posts.

Ancestry.co.uk has had online the school records held by the London Metropolitan Archives for quite some time now and very useful they have been too. So I was pleased to get a press release from BrightSolid to say that they have come to an agreement with the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland) to digitise, index and put online school records from elsewhere in the UK.

The records span 1870 – 1914 and covers every region of England & Wales and whilst they say the records cover every region I’m not convinced they mean every school is going to appear, we shall have to wait and see. Having said that one hundred and twenty archives are taking part so coverage will be quite wide-spread.



Archives and Records Association



Image:- Goosey, Berkshire School House copyright Linda Elliott

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