Historic Population

A very useful site for family historians who want a fuller picture of the area that there ancestors lived in.

A collection of British Historical Population Reports

The Online Historical Population Reports (OHPR) collection provides online access to the complete British population reports for Britain and Ireland from 1801 to 1937.

The collection goes far beyond the basic population reports with a wealth of textual and statistical material which provide an in-depth view of the economy, society (through births, deaths and marriages) and medicine during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

These 200,000 pages of census and registration material for the British Isles are supported by numerous ancillary documents from The National Archives, critical essays and transcriptions of important legislation which provide an aid to understanding the context, content and creation of the collection.

In digitising this resource the OHPR has enabled Browsing through the collection by date or geography, or Searching the content directly. Documents relating to the digitization and web development process may be accessed via the Project tab.

OHPR is an AHDS History project, funded as part of the JISC Digitisation programme and is hosted by the UK Data Archive at the University of Essex.



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