Heir Hunters

Watched an episode of Heir Hunters yesterday and thought it would make a good posting.

Heir Hunters

The tv series seems to have all the ingredients of a hit; money, lost heirs, puzzle and a satisfactory conclusion.



Heir Hunters


The probate companies that are featured in the tv series get their initial information from the Treasury department where it is published  weekly. The list is known as the Bona Vacantia which means Vacant goods. If no next of kin can be found the government takes possession and empties the estates money into it’s coffers.



Heir Hunters


Lucy Atkins wrote an article on the Heir Hunters in the Guardian in 2007 which makes for an interesting read.






Heir Hunters


Fraser & Fraser are the main probate researchers featured in the programmes. They seem to be a very professional outfit and deal with the majority of cases in the UK. Their website has some case histories that make for interesting reading.







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