Haverhill Suffolk

The Haverhill branch of the Suffolk Family History Society has its own website and what a grand site it is. The group have put online church transcripts, articles on families from the area, the 1891 census for the area, links, a forum and contact details.

The site is part of a larger website for the Haverhill area and this has pages for local history and other items of interest to those with links to Haverhill.

Well done !!



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  1. My daughter and her husband, live in the Haverhill area.
    We’ve lost contact..
    Her husbands Father is an Haverhill resident.
    She is not from those parts, thus speaks with a Carlisle accent.
    Her name is Joanne Heathcliffe, married to a local man, Darren.
    She’s 38 now.
    I’d appreciate your help, in my tracing them.
    My number is +44 77 888 77 544
    My email is, [email protected]
    Thanks for your help, before I become an ancestor.


    • Hi Pete,
      Sorry for the delay in replying – due to family illness. I don’t undertake searches for living people. I suggest that you contact a firm of private investigators who I am sure will be able to help you.

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