Gressenhall Workhouse

clip_image002I came across this website whilst looking for something else as you do on the internet ! If you have ancestors who were unlucky enough to have been inhabitants of the Gressenhall Workhouse in Norfolk then you will be fascinated by this website. The workhouse first opened in 1776 and didn’t close until 1948 so quite a long span of time.

If you live in the area then a visit would be fascinating, but for the rest of us this site will prove to be a good 2nd best.

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  1. joan moore says:

    My husband who is now in a nursing home with dementia is a direct descendant of James and Margaret Moore. When we visited the museum a few years ago John signed the visitors book saying who he was. He is Australian but I am English and we live on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is all so very interesting. Joan

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