Grave Stone Photos

clip_image002Only a genealogist would understand that it’s not morbid to write the first blog post of the year on grave sites !! I have written about this website a few years ago, but thought a reminder to my readers wouldn’t go amiss as it has gone from strength to strength.

Gravestone Photos is the brainchild of Charles Sale and a dedicated band of volunteers who take the photos of their local churchyards, cemeteries or burial grounds and send them onto Charles. There is always a space for new volunteers even if they only have a few photos to donate.

The site covers fifteen countries and is easy to use. Searches can be undertaken for a surname across all 1910 cemeteries or a certain location can be selected and a surname search done just on that place. Once an entry of interest has been found then a photograph is shown, if you a better quality, high resolution photo is needed then a request can be placed and the photo will be sent to you by Charles.

Donations through PayPal are always welcome to keep the site running and of course if you have any images that you can donate then they are always welcome. Charles Sale and all the volunteers are definitely Genealogy Heroes for producing such a great site free of charge.



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