Google Books

clip_image002Recently I spoke to a fellow genealogist who didn’t know about Google Books so I thought I would write about it just in case there are others who have missed out on using this great resource.

Firstly you open up the normal Google page and you will see along the top a row of tabs such as Images, Maps etc. at the right hand end is the tab “more”. Click on that and you get a drop down box with a list of other options which includes “Books”. Click on that.

If you click on the “Browse Books” tab it will open up a page which has an advanced search link. Click on that and you get a search page will a number of options. Once you have filled in the details of what you are searching for you can opt to just have Full View Only books displayed, this is what I usually do.

There are thousands of books there which are of interest and help to family historians. So give it a go and see just what is awaiting you in the Google Library and don’t forget that Google are in the process of scanning thousands of books & pamphlets that are held  in the British Library.

Oh dear so much to search and only one lifetime !!

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