Google Books have a lot to interest family historians

Googlr booksGo to  toward the middle of the top is the word "more", clicking on this bring up a drop down box. Click on books and you are into a treasure trove of books that are available online. Some are previews, some abstracts and some are there in their entirety.

It is mainly the older out of copyright books that are there complete and those are just the sort of books that family historians are after ! A search on the word genealogy came up with 152,600 books, must be something in there worth reading !

Try putting in your family names or the villages/towns that they came from. You will note that there is a drop down book next to "Showing" this allows you to limit your search to All Books, Limited Preview or Full View Only. Full view is when the whole book is available for download or viewing online.


Here is a quick link to the search results for "genealogy"

Here is a quick link to the search results for "family history" – 515,600 books.

Go and have a play, hours of interesting reading all available to you in the comfort of your own home!!

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