RootsTech Free Online Videos

RootsTech 2013I know I am being greedy, but I am so jealous at the moment!!  Here I am just off the fabulous Unlock The Past 2013 Genealogy Cruise, I’ve hardly unpacked my suitcase and I want to be off again this time to RootsTech 2013. RootsTech is the yearly event where family history and technology collides and those two are a match made in heaven!

For those of us unable to attend there is a second option – watch some of the 2012 presentation that are available on I suspect that these 2012 videos may be replaced by those from this years show so I’m going to have a mini RootsTech experience this evening to make sure I don’t miss out.


The videos on offer are

  • Inventing The Future as a Community – Jay Verkler
  • Do I Trust The Cloud ? –  D Joshua Taylor
  • Effective Database Search Tactics – Kory Meyerink
  • Twitter – It’s Not Just “What I Had For Breakfast” any more – Thomas McEntee
  • Eleven Layers of Online Searches – Barbara Renick
  • Exabyte Social Clouds and other Monstrosities – Josh Coates
  • Publish Your Genealogy Online – Laura Prescott
  • Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines – Robert Gardner
  • Genealogist’s Go Mobile – Sandra Crowley
  • Google’s Toolbar & Genealogy – David Barney
  • Making The Most of Technology to Further the Family History Industry – Tim Sullivan
  • Genealogy Podcasts & Blogs 101 – Lisa Louise Cooke
  • Future of FamilySearch Family Tree  – Ron Tanner
  • Privacy in a Collaborative Environment – Noah Tutak
  • YouTube Your Family History – Devin Ashby
  • Reputation Systems for Genealogy – Jimmy Zimmerman
  • GeneTech: YDNA Solutions to Common Genealogical Problems – Nathan Murphy
  • Using Android Devices for Genealogy and Family History – David Lifferth

So settle back and enjoy a taste of the RootsTech experience from your armchair – oh and remember to buy that Lottery ticket so that you can attend the real thing next year!



Version 4 Ancestry App for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Ancestry iPad App version 4Ancestry have just released version 4 of the App for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.The app is free and is so useful when travelling away from home.

The changes are as follows:-

New Family Tree Viewer
The old viewer showed direct lines only and I thought this was one of it’s major downsides, but the new version has the ability to show grandchildren, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, a whole range of relations.

The search bar does the usual second guess of who you are looking for depending on what you start to type in. Plus by tapping “All People” you have access to a variety of filters to help locate the person you are looking for, very useful if you have a large number of ancestors. People with the Shaky Leaf hints can now be listed or just those who have acquired a hint in the last 7 days.

Home Button
If you have wandered up your family tree and forgotten how you got to where you are the home button takes you back to the very start. Again very helpful when dealing with a large tree.

Trees, Settings and Support
I have divided genealogy into four, one Ancestry tree for each of my grandparents. This way I can allow guests access to the part of my family history they are interested in without swamping them with too many ancestors! The new app has a drop down box which allows choosing the tree you wish to view, it has your Ancestry account settings and a facility to email into the support team.

All in all I feel the new app is easier to use and offers more than previous versions, like all change it takes a while to get used to, but is well worth the time spent.