Coventry Family History Society

clip_image002The Coventry Family History Society has several online databases that you can search for free.

Coventry Family History Society –

This database contains some extracts from the register of boats working the Coventry canal. It covers the years 1879 to 1936 and is searchable on the surname of owners and masters.

Convict Register –

A copy of The Convicts Register is held in Coventry Archives under Reference 1755/1. This gives further information about the convicts including usually their photograph and sometimes details of their convictions. The page shown against each name refers to the page in the register. For a few names no page is shown as it is known to be missing. Some convicts had aliases and these have been included in the index.

Lascelles City Directory 1850 –

Trade directory for Coventry.

Plus details of how to join the Family History Society, their publications and Research Aids.

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Suffolk Family History Society Members Interests


Suffolk FHSSuffolk Family History Society are pleased to announce that their Members Interests are now available online.

Access to this service is totally FREE to everyone provided the member has an email address. If the member has no email address, then Suffolk FHS incur a charge contacting the member. However, for an introductory period this will also be FREE!

So if you have Suffolk ancestors consider joining up and in the mean time take advantage of this free offer.

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Lincolnshire Record Society


Lincolnshire Record SocietyGot ancestors in Lincolnshire then this website will be of interest to you.

The Society was founded in 1910 to print records and documents relating to the ancient county and diocese of Lincoln. The ancient diocese covered not only Lincolnshire, the second largest county of England, but also the wide area which lay within the medieval diocese: the counties of Lincoln, Leicester, Northampton, Rutland, Oxford, Bedford, Buckingham, Huntingdon and northern Hertford. Since 1910 the Society has published ninety five volumes many of which are still in print.

The Society has individual and institutional members from around the world including many leading university and national libraries. Its aim is to publish one volume each year and it always welcomes ideas for new projects. Early volumes were often published in Latin but today its policy is to publish in English whenever possible, or otherwise to provide an English summary.

The Lincolnshire Society’s latest publication is “The Correspondence of the Spalding Gentlemen’s Society 1710-1761”.

Many counties have their own Record Societies and they can be very worth while tracking down.

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Pomeroy Family History


Pomeroy Family AssociationChris Pomeroy is well known in genealogy circles as an expert in DNA as well as his leadership of the Pomeroy Family Association. So if you have Pomeroy’s or one of the variants of the name on your family tree then you are very lucky and can link in with some very knowledgeable genealogists!

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Guild of One Name Studies


The Guild of One Name StudiesThe Guild of One Name Studies is the world’s leading organisation for one-name studies. A one-name study is a project researching facts about a surname and all the people who have held it, as opposed to a particular pedigree (the ancestors of one person) or descendancy (the descendants of one person or couple).

Recently The Guild Fellowship Scheme was set up in order to recognise those Guild members considered especially worthy of honour, either because of their level of expertise in genealogy and one-name studies, or for their contribution to the running of the Guild – or both.

In keeping with the concept of a Guild, each individual recognised in this manner shall be known as a Master Craftsman of the Guild (MCG). The present holders of this title are:-

Steve Archer, Howard Benbrook, Andrew Millard, Susan Meates, Derek Palgrave, Paul Millington, Roy Rayment, Chris Pomery, Roy Stockdill, Iain Swinnerton, Ken Toll & Peter Walker.


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