Making History


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I’ve been listening to “Making History” on the BBC iplayer whilst working on the Mad About Genealogy website. This is a great programme presented by Vanessa Collingridge, it usually consists of 3 or 4 items concerning queries that listeners have written in about. I haven’t heard a dud programme yet, all have been interesting.

Highly recommended listening whilst tracking down your ancestors on the computer!

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New BBC Radio History Programme

The BBC have just announced ………………….

“The BBC World Service (Radio) is launching a new daily history programme at the end of October.  It’s to be called Witness and will focus on the memories and testimonies of people who lived through historic events.    We’ll mix those testimonies with material from the BBC’s audio archive – to tell personal stories on air.

Not just the war, but scientific discoveries,  social changes, sporting events, art, fashion… really we’re interested in hearing from anyone who has a story to tell.

Obviously, as the international arm of BBC radio we’ll be talking to people all over the world but we don’t want to neglect the UK.”


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Website with genealogy themed videos. For those moments when you hit a brick wall and need a little light relief!!


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TV for Genealogists

Roots Television is a web site dedicated to videos of interest to family historian. Interviews, conference lectures, grave yards, family stories and much, much more. If you haven’t visited Roots Television then put aside an hour or two and settle down for a very enjoyable and informative  time.

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