PRONI launches a YouTube channel

clip_image002It’s all happening at once, first I learn about The Family History Show vodcast (see previous posting) and then I hear that the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) are launching a YouTube channel.

The channel is offering a series of lectures which are being presented in conjunction with the Open University Ireland. The first lecture is entitled “What is Irish Local History?” and the second is “Poverty”.

Sounds interesting and having them on You Tube is great for us who can’t get to PRONI to hear the original talks. Dr Janice Holmes has started a blog to accompany the lecture series.

The sound is a little tinny, but hey nothing to complain about when we have the luxury of top speakers talking to us in the comfort of our own homes!!

Family History Vodcasts

clip_image002I have written several times about the treasure trove that is the National Archives podcasts which are available online free. Well not Nick Barrett & Laura Berry have taken the concept one step further and have developed and produced a new website called The Family History Show.

The website offers vodcast, videos on genealogical & history subjects. I see that the latest offering included an interview with Millvina Dean the last living survivor of the Titanic tragedy. The website has just started so there is a limited number of vodcasts in offer, but with more added regularly this is going to be a wonderful resource for family historians.

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London Nobody Knows


The London Nobody KnowsA great history radio series has started on BBC Radio 4. Dan Cruickshank is the writer and presenter. Available on BBC iplayer which anyone anywhere in the world can access free of charge via the internet.

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Nottingham Manuscript Collection


Nottingham Archives & PodcastsThis University of Nottingham website has lots to interest those with ancestors from the area. There are online exhibitions, I was particularly interested in one on The Druce Case as I have ancestors by the name of Druce. Also there are Podcasts and one of those caught my eye. “Laxton:Farming in an open field village”. The podcasts are in fact videos and there are secreal on offer.

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Who Do You Think You Are


Who Do You Think You Are?The BBC has announced that Bruce Forsyth is among celebrities tracing their family trees on the new series of BBC One ancestry show Who Do You Think You Are?

Producers say the Strictly Come Dancing host finds a letter suggesting his great-grandfather, a leading landscape gardener, was a bigamist. Bruce Forsyth’s great-grandfather, Joseph Forsyth Johnson, designed a number of UK estates and curated the Royal Botanic Gardens in Belfast. He also created gardens in the US and refurbished Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Forsyth, 82 – real name Bruce Joseph Forsyth Johnson – comes from a line of horticulturists including William Forsyth, who gave his name to the shrub forsythia.

The nine-part series will also feature actor Rupert Everett, following the recent death of his father, Rupert Everett uncovers the truth behind a family mystery and meets a relative for the first time "in the most unexpected place".

One episode will feature married couple Rupert Penry-Jones and Dervla Kirwan who explores the life of her great great uncle, Irish revolutionary Michael Collins

Other celebrities appearing on the series, which starts at the end of July, include Broadway star Alan Cumming, comedy actor Alexander Armstrong. gardener Monty Don and singer Jason Donovan.