5 Minute Genealogy episodes on FamilySearch

FamilySearch Learning CentreI’m seeing a lot of negativity about the new FamilySearch website, apart from my concerns about the Family Tree section, and I admit I haven’t looked into that very deeply, I can’t see what all the fuss is about. I suspect that for some people it is more about being familiar with the “old” FamilySearch and not liking change. I see in a blog post from Chris Paton that The National Archives, London is discontinuing their old search section and only offering the new Discovery search engine. Change is what happens as we journey through life so I can’t see why we think the genealogy world should stay static!

Anyway I will now get off my soapbox and continue with what I wanted to write about today !!

FamilySearch has a Learning Centre on the new site, I have written before about the videos, podcasts and written lessons that have been offered in the past, they are excellent and very helpful especially for beginners and those venturing into a new genealogical area or country. The new website offers the archived RootsTech presentation, well worth a look, the lessons that were on the old FamilySearch plus a new beginners course called “5 minute genealogy”. There are 21 episodes all broken down into 5 minute segments so that you can learn and then put into practice each step. The series is based around the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, but can be used wherever you live using the internet and Family History Centres.

I think these lessons, videos and podcasts will be of great help to existing genealogists and also the new generation of genealogists  that are just starting. The theme of RootsTech was to encourage younger people into family history and this new Learning Centre will do just that.


FamilySearch Learning Centre


RootsTech & WDYTYA? Live Videos Online

WDYTYA Live 2013If like me you weren’t at RootsTech 2013 all is not lost, there is the official website with the Keynote and a small number of other presentations plus there is YouTube. The official bloggers at the conference were given access to what sounds like a pretty professional studio to record interviews with presenters, other bloggers and attendees.

DearMyrtle (Pat Richley-Erickson), Lisa Louise Cooke and Jill Ball have a great selection of interviews, it would have been good to see some English bloggers recording interviews, but as yet I haven’t found any. However the videos that are on YouTube are interesting and informative.

I wasn’t able to attend Who Do You Think You Are Live either so a quick search turned up a variety of videos on YouTube for that event also. Hopefully video interviews at conferences and also presentations will become more popular and I look forward to seeing what next years conferences bring.

To access videos simply go to YouTube and enter Rootstech or Who Do You Think You Are Live in the search box and then choose whichever video appeals to you. Enjoy Winking smile




RootsTech Selected Day 1 Sessions now Online

The genealogy news is coming thick and fast today, I just saw on Caroline Pointer post on Google+ that the live streamed sessions that have been on today can now be viewed on the RootsTech website. They have got them up and running so promptly, thank you guys and thank you to Caroline Pointer for letting us know.

Keynote Speech – Dennis Brimhall, Syd Lieberman, Josh Taylor

The Future of Genealogy – Thomas MacEntee and panel

Tell it Again – ([email protected]) – Kim Weitkamp

The Genealogist Gadget Bag – Jill Ball and panel

Finding the Obscure & Elusive Geographic information on the Web – James Tanner

I’ve watched Tell it Again and Genealogist Gadget Bag and thoroughly enjoyed them, now I’m off to watch the rest. Not much being done round here today !


Who Do You Think You Are Live 2013

WDYTYA Live 2013

Just a quick blog post today because I have started writing my first ebook and my brain is full of that at the moment !

I got notification that there are now several Who Do You Think You Are Live 2013 videos on YouTube so if you missed going this year as I did then at least you can a peek at what it was like. Let’s hope that we can attend in 2014 ….. might met you there !


RootsTech Free Online Videos

RootsTech 2013I know I am being greedy, but I am so jealous at the moment!!  Here I am just off the fabulous Unlock The Past 2013 Genealogy Cruise, I’ve hardly unpacked my suitcase and I want to be off again this time to RootsTech 2013. RootsTech is the yearly event where family history and technology collides and those two are a match made in heaven!

For those of us unable to attend there is a second option – watch some of the 2012 presentation that are available on  http://rootstech.org/videos#current I suspect that these 2012 videos may be replaced by those from this years show so I’m going to have a mini RootsTech experience this evening to make sure I don’t miss out.


The videos on offer are

  • Inventing The Future as a Community – Jay Verkler
  • Do I Trust The Cloud ? –  D Joshua Taylor
  • Effective Database Search Tactics – Kory Meyerink
  • Twitter – It’s Not Just “What I Had For Breakfast” any more – Thomas McEntee
  • Eleven Layers of Online Searches – Barbara Renick
  • Exabyte Social Clouds and other Monstrosities – Josh Coates
  • Publish Your Genealogy Online – Laura Prescott
  • Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines – Robert Gardner
  • Genealogist’s Go Mobile – Sandra Crowley
  • Google’s Toolbar & Genealogy – David Barney
  • Making The Most of Technology to Further the Family History Industry – Tim Sullivan
  • Genealogy Podcasts & Blogs 101 – Lisa Louise Cooke
  • Future of FamilySearch Family Tree  – Ron Tanner
  • Privacy in a Collaborative Environment – Noah Tutak
  • YouTube Your Family History – Devin Ashby
  • Reputation Systems for Genealogy – Jimmy Zimmerman
  • GeneTech: YDNA Solutions to Common Genealogical Problems – Nathan Murphy
  • Using Android Devices for Genealogy and Family History – David Lifferth

So settle back and enjoy a taste of the RootsTech experience from your armchair – oh and remember to buy that Lottery ticket so that you can attend the real thing next year!