RootsTech & WDYTYA? Live Videos Online

WDYTYA Live 2013If like me you weren’t at RootsTech 2013 all is not lost, there is the official website with the Keynote and a small number of other presentations plus there is YouTube. The official bloggers at the conference were given access to what sounds like a pretty professional studio to record interviews with presenters, other bloggers and attendees.

DearMyrtle (Pat Richley-Erickson), Lisa Louise Cooke and Jill Ball have a great selection of interviews, it would have been good to see some English bloggers recording interviews, but as yet I haven’t found any. However the videos that are on YouTube are interesting and informative.

I wasn’t able to attend Who Do You Think You Are Live either so a quick search turned up a variety of videos on YouTube for that event also. Hopefully video interviews at conferences and also presentations will become more popular and I look forward to seeing what next years conferences bring.

To access videos simply go to YouTube and enter Rootstech or Who Do You Think You Are Live in the search box and then choose whichever video appeals to you. Enjoy Winking smile


Manor Park Cemetery Records now complete has announced the completion of the Manor Park Cemetery & Crematorium records. The records span the time period 25th March 1875 to January 2010. Manor Park is unusual in the fact that it has been owned and run by the same family since it establishment in 1875. This cemetery is well cared for and is still in  operation, making it easy for those whose ancestors are buried there.

Annie Chapman one of Jack the Ripper’s victims is buried here along with Winston Churchill’s nanny showing that the cemetery was open for all regardless of social standing.

DeceasedOnline are currently digitising 2.6 million burial and cremation records to add to their database, from 16 burial and cremation authorities around the UK. 1.7 million further records have been digitised from another 18 authorities and are due to be added this year. Plus they are in serious talks with a further 94 authorities about bringing nearly 12 million more records to the website. So lots to look forward to !

RootsTech Selected Day 1 Sessions now Online

The genealogy news is coming thick and fast today, I just saw on Caroline Pointer post on Google+ that the live streamed sessions that have been on today can now be viewed on the RootsTech website. They have got them up and running so promptly, thank you guys and thank you to Caroline Pointer for letting us know.

Keynote Speech – Dennis Brimhall, Syd Lieberman, Josh Taylor

The Future of Genealogy – Thomas MacEntee and panel

Tell it Again – ([email protected]) – Kim Weitkamp

The Genealogist Gadget Bag – Jill Ball and panel

Finding the Obscure & Elusive Geographic information on the Web – James Tanner

I’ve watched Tell it Again and Genealogist Gadget Bag and thoroughly enjoyed them, now I’m off to watch the rest. Not much being done round here today !

FamilySearch–Redesign and new logo

The blog posts are coming thick and fast from Rootstech 2013 ! Thank you to Pat Richley Ericksen aka DearMyrtle for the following breaking news ….

Pat is at the Official Genealogy Bloggers dinner in Salt Lake City hosted by FamilySearch. They are getting the bloggers up to speed with the latest news and it seems that FamilySearch is to have a re-vamp and a new logo. From what I can see it has a lot to do with the new FamilySearch Family Tree.

I better not steal Pat’s photos, but I can tell you that the logo looks modern and fresh. The new website will launch mid April, so a few weeks for us all to get used to another change in the genealogy world!

See more in Pat’s posts on Google+


Postems on FreeBMD

I thought today I would tell you about a little on-going project I have. It was pointed out to me by my good friend Judy Ramsey that if everyone put the details that they had on the birth, marriage and death certificates that they owned onto FreeBMD as a Postem note then it would be of great help to others. Imagine if even a 10th of genealogists with English & Wales ancestors did that then FreeBMD would go from a great resource to a magnificent one !!

On the recent Unlock The Past Genealogy Cruise I upgraded a Flip-Pal scanner from a want to a need and bought one. Amazing how many genealogy toys/books/certificates/subscriptions can be upgraded if you try hard enough!. Today I shall start to use the Flip-Pal to scan all my certificates and double check that I have entered the information from them onto FreeBMD Postems.



Above is a screen-shot showing the small yellow envelope that appears next to a FreeBMD entry to show that someone has attached a note to that entry. You can find out how to attach a Postem, it’s very easy, at

So go on, put an hour aside and get entering those details from your certificates, someone, somewhere, sometime will thank you for it Winking smile