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Family History Books OnlineOn my visits to the Family History library in Salt Lake City I have always been torn between reading as many films as I can of records which haven’t been put online, making a beeline for the book & pamphlet library (I could spend weeks sitting on the floor just reading everything shelf by shelf !) or do I head for the family history books to see if anyone has published a book on one of my family lines? Decisions, decisions…

As some of you may know there is a project by the LDS to digitize the genealogy & family history books from some of the leading libraries in America and also the contents of the Family History books at Salt Lake. The collection now numbers in excess of 40,000 books and whilst many of them will be by American authors a considerable number will have English content in them. The libraries that are involved in this project are listed below.

The material being scanned includes family histories, county and local histories, gazetteers, and medieval histories & pedigrees. There was a report on the FamilySearch blog which lists the new additions for June to the online collection. The list is separated out into various headings so finding material of interest is very easy. Scanning quickly through the British Isles section I see that there is a wide variety of documents from “The fabric rolls of York Minster : with an appendix of illustrative documents”,The visitations of Kent, taken in the years 1530-1 by Thomas Benolte, and 1574 by Robert Cooke” to “The road-books & itineraries of Ireland, 1647 to 1850; a catalogue” & “The parish registers of Hollesley, Co. Suffolk”.

The books can be found on the FamilySearch website, Benson Family records Genealogyclick on the tab BOOKS, then click on the coloured tab FAMILY HISTORY BOOKS, there is a simple or an advanced search option and the search can be undertaken by title, author, surname or full text. The books can be save onto a disc or onto your computer hard-drive.

This online library is just one of the gems on the FamilySearch website, put aside a couple of hours and enjoy searching through this wonderful genealogical collection. Also remember that new additions are being added on a monthly basis.



FamilySearch blog report

British Isles new additions June 2012

WDYTYA Magazine Ipad App

clip_image002I’m told that the Who Do You Think You Are magazine is now available online with an App for the iPad. I’ve looked on the Apple iTunes Store, but can’t find one so I expect it is coming soon.

However if you want to get a sneak preview  you can look at where it says that each issue will cost £4.16 which compares with £5.99 for a paper version.

Sarah Williams the editor of the magazine tells me that if you are signed up to the magazine newsletter you will soon be able to get information about a free trial which they are hoping will run this weekend. I can recommend the magazine (they don’t pay me to say that!!) as each edition has something for all levels of expertise, it is one of the few magazines that i read cover to cover.

Google Books

clip_image002Recently I spoke to a fellow genealogist who didn’t know about Google Books so I thought I would write about it just in case there are others who have missed out on using this great resource.

Firstly you open up the normal Google page and you will see along the top a row of tabs such as Images, Maps etc. at the right hand end is the tab “more”. Click on that and you get a drop down box with a list of other options which includes “Books”. Click on that.

If you click on the “Browse Books” tab it will open up a page which has an advanced search link. Click on that and you get a search page will a number of options. Once you have filled in the details of what you are searching for you can opt to just have Full View Only books displayed, this is what I usually do.

There are thousands of books there which are of interest and help to family historians. So give it a go and see just what is awaiting you in the Google Library and don’t forget that Google are in the process of scanning thousands of books & pamphlets that are held  in the British Library.

Oh dear so much to search and only one lifetime !!

Exploring Surrey’s Past

clip_image002Surrey Record Office recently won the “Your Family History” magazine’s Archive of the Year award. They were judged to give outstanding commitment to customer service, opening hours, onsite advice and the running of the Exploring Surrey’s Past website.

The website is certainly up there with the best and I am sure that other record offices will be taking a look to see if they can do something similar.

I don’t have any Surrey ancestors, but if you do then this site should be bookmarked because you will be returning to it again and again.

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Apps for Family Historians

clip_image002Genealogists have taken to computer and other technology like ducks to water! I am sure that the inventors and designers of computers, ipads, notebooks etc. did not envisage their target market as being people who spend their spare time head down in dusty archives!

Now however the spending power of the family historian is being wooed by the major brands of tech products. In the March issue of Your Family History magazine there is a good article on Apps for family historians, it reviews a range of products with price from “free” to £8.99. If you are the proud owner of an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad then get your hands on a copy of this magazine and see if something featured takes your fancy.

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