Discover Your Ancestors magazine was very excited to get an email announcing the arrival of the digital Discover Your Ancestors magazine. I quickly paid my £12 and look forward to receiving a new issue every month for the next year. This periodical is a sister to and not to be confused with the excellent annual Discover Your Ancestors.

The periodical is 20 pages and the May issue has articles on British Pilots Licences, a reminder that not everything is online and archives still hold plenty to interest the genealogist, child labour in the Victorian period, genealogy theme fiction, book reviews,inns and pubs, a look at the county of Essex, online tools to aid genealogy and using census for breaking down brick walls.

I have only browsed through the magazine, it looks well presented and has a wide range of articles. At just 20 pages it won’t be able to carry the same range as other genealogy magazines, but then it’s price is very reasonable compared to the competitors. I’ll write more once I have had time to read through and have a better idea of the quality of the writing, but with authors such as Simon Fowler I expect a high standard.

Take a look at the website, take out a subscription and see what you think.

The Hathi Trust – a real treasure house

London Burial Grounds

With reference to my interest in London Cemeteries I have been long aware of a book that was originally published in 1896, but has been reprinted a number of times since “The London Burial Grounds: notes on their history from the earliest times to the present day, by Mrs. Basil Holmes”. I decided today that I really must buy a copy, these days I prefer to buy e-books so I did a Google search and up came a copy on the Hathi Trust website.

Those of you who have been reading the MadAboutGenealogy website for a while or who have heard me speak on genealogy subjects will know that I am a great fan of Google Books & Well the Hathi Trust is a similar organisation, I mentioned it in passing in January as they have a good run of the Gentleman’s magazine, but feel it is worth posting about it again.

The trust is in partnership with major research institutes and libraries 

Hathi Trust

and their joint aim is to ensure that the cultural record is preserved and accessible long into the future. My copy of Mrs Holmes book came from Yale University and I was allowed to download it as a PDF free of charge. I noticed that on each page is a small note saying that the digitisation was supported by Microsoft, so well done Mr Gates!

A general search using the term genealogy came up with 20,960 items, so enough to keep anyone busy on a wet Sunday afternoon. The site has a leaning towards American items, but there was enough English based material to make me put this site onto my Favourites List.

I’m off to start reading Mrs Basil Holmes book on London Cemeteries, take a look at the Hathi Trust website and I am sure you will soon find something to interest you!

Discover Your Ancestors I had a pleasant email from Mark Galbraith the publisher of the bookazine Discover Your Ancestors telling me that they are about to publish a new monthly  magazine called Discover Your Ancestors Periodical. The new publication will be published monthly and I think it will fill the gap nicely between the Discover Your Ancestors bookazine issues.

I wrote some time ago about Issue 1 of Discover Your Ancestors, which I was most impressed with. It was an easy, informative read that managed to have something for family historians whatever their level of expertise. Being a bookazine means that it naturally seems to find it’s way onto the book case rather than in the pile of genealogy magazines languishing under the coffee table ! I am looking forward to getting my hands on Issue 2 which has just been published.

Discover Your Ancestors Issue 2 is now available from the publishers DMG or from newsagents & booksellers such as W H Smith.

There are a variety of subscription packages for the new Discover Your Ancestors Periodical, details of which can be obtained via the new website. I shall be opting for receiving my monthly edition on my iPad and I’m told the online ordering facility will be up and running in the first half of April. There is an Early Bird Special of £12 for a year’s subscription which is such a bargain I am sure many genealogists will be tempted.

Discover Your Ancestors – a book or a magazine?

Discovering your ancestors magazineLast year I wrote about the magazine “Discovering Your Ancestors” which was put out by and I wondered if there was going to be any more issues. Thanks to Chris Paton of the British Genes blog I now know that “Discovering Your Ancestors” isn’t a magazine, but a bookazine !! And that a 2nd edition is due out next month to coincide with the “Who Do you Think You Are Live! Show in London. It seems that this is going to be a yearly event and issuing it in time for the big WDYTYA show makes a lot of commercial sense.

Thanks Chris for keeping us informed of this as I shall certainly be buying a copy. Last year saw the demise of one genealogy magazine and gossip says that a few others are struggling so it makes sense to create a bookazine which must be cheaper to produce than a book, can be sold at a more affordable price whilst having some good quality content.

Below is the link to the press release from the publishers. I shall be buying a digital copy as soon as it is published and if it is as good as the first issue it will be well worth the £5.99.

Ancestry magazine

Ancestry Magazine Genealogy

Now here’s a mystery !!! A couple of months ago when I was in Kent I bought a copy of “Discover Your Ancestors” Issue No. 1, the magazine was published in association with by DMG Publishing, there was no date on it  and I began to wonder if  issue no 2 never saw the light of day. I did email DMG asking if further issues were to be printed, but got no reply. So I think that issue 1 was the first and last one.

Anyway the point of this blog is, today, I did a Google Books search to see if The Complete Peerage was available (it isn’t) and came across back copies of the US magazine Ancestry. The magazine might be USA based, but there is plenty to interest English genealogists. For instance the December 2000 issue has articles on “The missing 11 days of 1752”, Who wants to be a royal heir?”, Basic tips to creating an effective newsletter, Exploring Danish roots etc. etc.

Available issues start January 1994 and run through to April 2010 when i think it stopped publication. The magazines can be read online and if you have an iPad or similar that means you can relax and enjoy a quality magazine for free.