Jill Ball and her RootsTech Interviews

Jill Ball GeniausMy Australia friend Jill Ball (Geniaus Blogger) has hit the big time !! Not only was she an official blogger at RootsTech 2013 and therefore has the use of the professional interviewing studio, but her videos which are available on YouTube have found their way onto the FamilySearch website.

If you ever got the opportunity to hear Jill give one of her presentations on Technology and Genealogy grab the chance, she broaden your horizons as to what your computer and the internet can do for your family history research.

Well done Jill !!!




May I Introduce To You …. series

May I introduce to you series Genealogy

Today I am privileged to be one of the genealogy bloggers featured in the Geneabloggers “May I Introduce To You” series. Thomas MacEntee who runs Geneabloggers is a well known American genealogists who does great work in promoting family history through his blog posts and talks throughout the USA.

The “May I Introduce To You” series is compiled by Gini Webb who runs her own blog Ginisology and is an expert in German genealogy. Both Thomas & Gini’s blogs are well worth putting on your favourites list.




Dick Eastman’s Blog

I mentioned Dick Eastman’s blog whilst written the previous posting. Although USA based Dick also covers items of interest to English genealogists. You can subscribe and get a free email which comes through most days or pay and get access to a “Plus Edition” with extra articles.

I can recommend subscribing to the free mailing list, the “Plus Edition” seems to be more USA based. If you don’t want the emails popping into your box most days then simply go to his website.


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