Putting your Family History online for free

clip_image002I am often asked if it is possible to put your family history online for free, the answer is yes there are several places that offer you the opportunity to put your genealogy online and hopefully find other people researching the same families.

Today I will post about putting your family tree on Ancestry. I wrote to them to make sure I had all my facts right and below is their answer.

Just remember that your research will be there for anyone to copy onto their trees, so don’t be surprised if some of your work pops up somewhere else – take it as a compliment that someone thinks your tree is worth copying!!

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Here is the Ancestry reply.

Thank you for contacting Ancestry.co.uk regarding ancestry trees.

It is possible to create a family tree on a guest account that does not require a subscription. Free Guest accounts have been put in place to allow members to:

• Access family tree features, such as building and sharing a tree

• View a tree you have been invited to

• Utilize the learning centre and receive a monthly newsletter

• Access any free database

Please note that a paid account is required in order to access the subscriber only databases. If you try to access a subscriber only database using a free Guest account username and password, you will receive a message indicating that you need to upgrade your account. An individual can upgrade your account online by clicking on the “My Account” link at the upper right of the screen (after logging in).

If anyone would like to share their tree with another Ancestry.com user, a family member, or a friend they can invite them to see their tree. The following link explains how to send invitations to Personal Member Trees on Ancestry.com.

How to invite people to visit my Personal Member Tree

Please note, to accept the invitation, if they are not already registered with Ancestry.com, they will need to create a username and password (guest account) on Ancestry.com. The following article contains instructions for creating a guest account.

Ancestry Guest registration

To accept the tree invitation, please follow the steps below.

Accepting Ancestry.com tree invitations



New Additions on Ancestry.co.uk

Ancestry Card CatalogueMany thanks to Chris Paton http://britishgenes.blogspot.co.nz/ for letting the genealogy world know that Ancestry have released some more books and publications that first appeared on CD’s from the now closed Archive CD Books company. These datasets aren’t indexed, but will be well worth the time browsing if you find something from one of your ancestral areas.

To access these publications simply go to www.Ancestry.co.uk click on the front page link for Ancestry Card Catalogue and then copy and paste from the list below the title in which you are interested. I’m off to look at Parochial Antiquities in the Counties of Oxford & Buckinghamshire. Read and enjoy!!



Old England – A Pictorial Museum – Charles Knight. 2 Vols (abt. 1870)
Old Lincolnshire Magazine 1883-1885
Old Nottingham – Its Streets and People
Parochial Antiquities in the Counties of Oxford & Buckinghamshire (2 vols)
Parochial History of the County of Cornwall – 4 Volumes
Photographs of the Norfolk Broads – 1891 Jennings
Picturesque England. Its Landmarks and Historic Haunts (1891)
Recollections of Old Liverpool by a Nonegenarian
Reid’s Handbook to Newcastle on Tyne 1863
Remarkable Antiquities of the City of Exeter
Reminiscences of Manchester from the year 1840
Report on Ecclesiastical Revenues of England & Wales 1835
Robinson’s The History and Antiquities of Edmonton
Robinson’s The History and Antiquities of Enfield- 1 & 2 vols
Robinson’s The History and Antiquities of Hackney – Volumes 1 & 2
Robinson’s The History and Antiquities of Stoke Newington
Robinson’s The History and Antiquities of Tottenham High Cross
Round About Bradford
Royal Charters of the Borough of Nottingham 1155-1712
Some account of the Worshipful Company of Grocers of the City of London
Some Old Devon Churches -Volumes 1 – 3
Somerset – Victoria County History Vol. 1
South Devon
South London
Steinman’s History of Croydon 1833
Stemmata Alstoniana
Studies in Church Dedications of England’s Patron Saints
Swindon 50 Years Ago. Reminiscences, Notes and Relics of ye Old Wiltshire Town
The Annals of Yorkshire
The Blizzard in the West -1891
The Breviary of Suffolk
The Cathedral Church of Southwell.
The Churches of Derbyshire – 4 Vols. Cox 1875
The Coins of England
The Complete English Lawyer or Every Man his Own Lawyer
The Constitution of England – De Lolme 1822
The Herts Genealogist and Antiquary Volume 2
The History & Antiquites of Scarborough
The History & Antiquities of the County of Somerset – 3 Volumes
The History & Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham -2 Vols
The History & Antiquities of the County Palatine of Durham – 3 Vols
The History and Antiquities of the Town of Buckingham (1755)
The History of Friar Lane Baptist Church – Nottingham
The History of Lancashire
The History of London From its Foundation to the Present Time
The History of Nottingham
The History of Scarborough
The History of the Belvoir Hunt
The History of the City of Exeter
The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Begun in the Year 1641 (6 Vols.)
The History of Wakefield
The Journal & Diary of John Savidge (Nottingham)
The Liverpool Guide, 1801
The Naval History of England
The Old Engravers of England 1540-1800
The Old Town Wall of Nottingham
The Peak District of Derbyshire – Baddley’s Guide (1913)
The Religious Census of London
The Religious Institutions of Old Nottingham (3 Vols)


Oliver Cromwell’s Letters and Speeches (1846)
Our Own Country
Owen’s Book of Fairs (1824)
Owen’s New Book of Roads (1822)
Paterson’s Book of Roads 1808
Paterson’s Roads (1829)
Photography in a Nutshell
Popular Errors Explained & Illustrated
Recollections of Johannes Brahms – 1899
Recollections of Old Country Life
Rob Rat – A Story of Barge Life
The Coinage of the British Empire
The History of British India
The History of Freemasonry – 3 volumes
The History of the Tweedie or Tweedy Family
The Life of Colonel Hutchinson (1808)
The Life of Florence Nightingale
The Life of Josiah Wedgwood (2 vols)

Ancestry sold to European Equity Firm

Ancestry genealogyThe big news today is that Ancestry is to be sold to a Private Equity Firm based in Europe for $1.6 billion. Presumably if the new owners think that Ancestry is worth such a huge amount of money they will want it to continue on it’s revenue gathering way. Hopefully there will be no one amongst the equity firm who decides that they will meddle with the way Ancestry operates and we can look forward to more records being added on a regular basis.

This sale shows that genealogy is big business world wide and is here to stay and that can only help the various archives around the world who are being threatened with closure. People value their heritage and want it preserved and I hope the sale of Ancestry will show those who hold the power to put money into archives that it will be money well spent.



Ancestry magazine

Ancestry Magazine Genealogy

Now here’s a mystery !!! A couple of months ago when I was in Kent I bought a copy of “Discover Your Ancestors” Issue No. 1, the magazine was published in association with Ancestry.co.uk by DMG Publishing, there was no date on it  and I began to wonder if  issue no 2 never saw the light of day. I did email DMG asking if further issues were to be printed, but got no reply. So I think that issue 1 was the first and last one.

Anyway the point of this blog is, today, I did a Google Books search to see if The Complete Peerage was available (it isn’t) and came across back copies of the US magazine Ancestry. The magazine might be USA based, but there is plenty to interest English genealogists. For instance the December 2000 issue has articles on “The missing 11 days of 1752”, Who wants to be a royal heir?”, Basic tips to creating an effective newsletter, Exploring Danish roots etc. etc.

Available issues start January 1994 and run through to April 2010 when i think it stopped publication. The magazines can be read online and if you have an iPad or similar that means you can relax and enjoy a quality magazine for free.


Free access to the 1911 census

Free access 1911 censusIf you don’t have a subscription to Ancestry.co.uk then you will be interested in their latest offer. Census are the back bone of 19th century family history so this is a really good opportunity. Free access to the 1911 census of course comes with terms and conditions, but they seem straight forward.

Free access from 00:00 on 13/8/12 until 23.59 on 2/11/12 (BST) to the 1911 Census Records and Summary Books for England, Wales, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Registration is required for access by providing a name and email address.

So if you want to check out where your ancestors were in 1911. Go take a look.



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