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Genealogy MagazinesHas anyone noticed how difficult it is to find family history magazines on the shelves in book shops, newsagents and the like? I subscribe to a couple of magazines, but like to pick up copies of the others if they have articles that are of particular interest.

Now that Borders Bookshops have disappeared from the High Street it seems that the only way to get copies of Family Tree, Practical Family History etc etc is to pay out for a subscription. Is this the beginning of the end for specialist magazines?

One recent innovation is “Discover My Past England” & “Discover My Past Scotland”. These magazines are subscription based and are delivered via the internet so that you have the option of printing off a copy or reading totally online. The subs for these magazines are £2.50 per copy or £7.00 for three issues. The publication monthly and is 40 pages in length and the preview of the first pages seemed to be of a good standard. However compared to “Who Do You Think You

Are”’ which is 98 pages for a cost of £4.99 I think “Discover My Past” is a trifle expensive, especially as they don’t have printing, transport and seller’s commission to include in the price. What do you think? The new Mad About Forum would be a good place to give your opinions on the pro’s and con’s of genealogy magazines.

I was at the London launch of the Apple ipad recently and after having had a good play with the device I can see that in the near future we may all be having our magazines delivered and read via such gadgets. However tempting as it was I left the store without purchasing, my pocket at that moment wasn’t full of up to £699.00 of loose change! Also I must say that the clapping and cheering by staff after each and every purchase was a major turnoff for me!!


  1. Chris Couzens says:

    Hi I hope someone out there can help with this , My name is Chris Couzens my Father was ( Stanley Couzens ) I am hopeing to find the children from his 2 marrages in Essex England His first Wife Was Katherine Couzens-nee palmer they married in 1932 and seperated in 1939 –His second Wife was susan Elizabeth Couzens-nee Edridge or aldridge we think they had 2 boys (William born 1944/ David Born 1947 (he came to New Zealand in 1947 and meet our mother they had my sister Carol in 1949 /my sister Jenny 1950 and me 1951 just befor he Died )he Died in july 1951 Hope some one can help with this as our Mother gave us no information(He came From Canningtown Essex ) We found him on the Anton Couzens Family tree site and it turned out our we had the right tree but nothing was known of stanley after leaving England (Antons done a Great Job on that website and we thank him

  2. billy couzens says:

    hi cris my name is william couzens my father is the second oldest son born to stan and kate palmer.there were six siblings born to this couple of which my father is the only one living i also know david and bill sons of sue edridge whom stan never married and sue said this herself. i was born and brought up in canning town east london so i know or knew the majority of the family.any information needed feel free to email me regards billy couzens

  3. Chris Couzens says:

    Hi William -Its great to here of you in England -From what you say this would make me your uncle and your father my half brother–sorry its taken so long to see this on the web we dont go on it very much and was just having a play when it apeared to my surprise ,I had sort of given up the search not thinking my fathers other family would ever be found—I have to say Anton Couzens web sit is a very great piece of work and I will never be able to thank him enough— hope to here from you (Christoper Stanly (Couzens ) Chris

  4. Chris Couzens says:

    Hi Billy Couzens sent a reply on the 6/1/12- we replyed to this on 20/4/12 when we noticed it but are unable to contact him Direct as we have no way of getting his email address-He said we should email him -have you any way of getting us his email Address —Ours Is [email protected]—Please help if you can as he is of the family we are searching for (Christoher stanley Couzens) Chris

  5. Chris Couzens says:

    Hi could Linda Elliott possibly get us the email of william couzens –he answer,d my Question but no contact details came with the comment—

  6. Hi Chris
    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you, due to a computer upset I am unable to access the. Info you require. Will get back to you as soon as the problem has been resolved.

  7. Chris Couzens says:

    Thanks Linda

  8. Chris Couzens says:

    When Linda

  9. Chris Couzens says:

    still trieing to find a way to make contact with William (billy) Couzens -in regards to making contact to his father –Who it seems is my half brother

  10. David Couzens says:

    Hi Chris. My name is David Couzens the younger brother of Billy Couzens. I believe I may be the person you are searching for. my father was Stanley Couzens from Canning Town and my mother was Susan Couzens (Edrige). Please could you tell me if you have a photograph of my father as I have never seen one and would like to know what he looked like. Any information you could give me would be a great help. Thank you. David Couzens.

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