Genealogy Conference 2009

2009 FFHS ConferenceOpen The Door & Here Are The People is the title of the major UK genealogical conference for 2009.

I attended a similar conference in Northampton a couple of years ago and it was great. Total immersion genealogy for 4 days. The venue, speakers, food and atmosphere was wonderful. I shall try and attend this years conference, depending on the state of the piggy bank nearer the time. If you have the opportunity to attend do go, it will be a worthwhile experience.

The latest press release announces another 2 speakers.

“We are excited to announce two further eminent speakers for the OPEN THE DOOR … conference.

Professor Richard Holmes, the noted military historian, is particularly well-known through his many television presentations, including the Battlefields series and Wellington, the Iron Duke. He the author of many best-selling books including Tommy: The British Soldier on the Western Front and Sahib: The British Soldier in India.

Dr Nick Barratt is a prolific reviewer and commentator on all aspects of history, notably family history. He is best known as a presenter on Who Do You Think You Are? and Hidden House Histories. Nick is also the author of many books including Tracing the history of your house and The family detective.”

Take a look at the website and start saving those pennies !


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