Gen-HoundI’ve just come across this new (well, new to me anyway) website Gen-Hound. It is a Pay to View website with a starting price of £3.00 for 60 credits, payment can be via Paypal or Credit Card.

The front page doesn’t have an obvious list of what datasets Gen-Hound offers, to find this out you have to go to Advanced Search and click on the Browse Local Records tab on the right hand side. This takes you to a search page and you need to decide which Country, then which Region/City and you can nominate a few other factors such as Time Period and Date when added to Gen-hound.

I, personally, found it frustrating that I couldn’t view all the datasets for the whole of the UK or even just for England. I had to work through county by county and some counties had no data, but were still on the drop-down box list. I would have liked to be able to see what records were on offer for the whole of England.

It has a free search facility that allows you to enter a surname, time period and location plus you can chose just to search the more recently added datasets. This last would be very useful if you use this site a lot and save you trawling through entries that you already know about.

Once an entry is found if you wish to have access to the record you then need to purchase credits, these credits do not have a time limit attached them and stay valid until you are ready to use them.

A search for the surname Pottinger and limited to the UK came up with a large number of entries, mainly it appeared from Belfast Directories, there is an area of Belfast called Pottinger’s so that is what this search picked up. To eliminate those I chose to limit the search to just England and 3 entries were shown. One entry I had already consulted the book, but the other two were new to me.

If you wish to know what record the individual entry comes from then click on the “i” box next to the title, a full description comes up. Two of the entries would cost 12 credits each and the remaining entry 10 credits.

It’s hard to say how helpful this website will be to genealogists, particularly as I couldn’t find an easy way to see a complete list of what’s on offer. At the moment it seems a bit of a raffle, but no doubt contains some gems for some family historians. It is a site I will watch.


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