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Gales Newspapers databaseI have written before about Gales database of British Newspapers 1800 – 1900 which is available now to the public on a subscription basis. The latest news is that they are offering two titles free of charge – the Penny illustrated Paper & The Graphic. I did a quick search and came up with plenty of references to names that i am researching.



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  1. Am searching for Scottish ancestors Joseph and his father Alexander Robertson both were Master Mariners Joseph married Ellen Elizabeth Waters 8 Sept 1857 in London they had 6 children all born in Glasgow 1860-1872 what records I hold do not indicate Josephs age or place of birth… the only clue from Scottish Census returns 1891 Ellen age 55 wife married 1901 age 64 Annuitant Joseph is not shown on any Census returns.
    Grateful for any suggestions.


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