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clip_image002[4]An excellent website for those with ancestors from Sands End & Fulham, London. The website is run by Frank Czucha and includes history, stories, photos, a forum and a wealth of background information.

Well worth a look, congratulations to Frank and all who contributed their memories & stories.



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  1. Lorraine Courtenay says:

    Dear Mad About Geneaology/Fulham Website

    Please can you help with this enquiry.

    Our ancestor Edward Leslie Court (also known as Leslie Edward Court) was born in 1905 in Fulham, London, England. He emigrated to Canada on 27 March 1926 on board the ship Antonia, arriving at Port Halifax, Nova Scotia to become a farmer and was met by ‘friend’ Canon Vernon from Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario. Nearest relative in England was Uncle Thomas Gilbert Court, 17 Woodbury Park Gardens, Ealing. It says on the passenger list that Edward was a clerk but was coming to Canada to be a farmer and intending to settle in Canada.

    Canadian Family History Societies are kindly trying to help with what happened to Edward and any family living now in Canada.

    Please does anyone in England have any information about Edward and any family. Thank you.

    Edward’s mother was Ruth Thrasher/Ruth Jezard/Ruby Jezard and she married Albert Edward Court in 1900 in Fulham, England. Ruth Jezard was an actress and performed at The Royal Drury Lane Theatre and we have also found her crossing aboard ship to America with a theatrical group. Albert Edward Court was Chief Of Staff at the London Coliseum. Ruth’s sister Louisa Thrasher/Jezard married Percy Atkins who was a Theatrical Business Manager.

    We know that Edward’s father Albert Edward Court born 1876 Norwood, Lambeth, London, England (also known as Edward Albert Court) died in 1923. We do not know what became of Edward’s mother Ruth Thrasher/Ruth Jezard born 1879 Lambeth, London, England (later known as Ruth/Ruby Court when she married).

    Due to Edward’s aunt Alice Thrasher having an illegitimate baby in 1893, Alice altered her name to Grace Courtenay and when she married in 1901 to her husband Herbert Solomon she stated she was a spinster (leaving no trace of her birth maiden name Alice Thrasher). It has taken three years of research to find (Grace) Alice’s family as we only knew her as married name Mrs Grace Solomon and maiden name Miss Grace Courtenay. Unfortunately Grace and her husband Herbert never spoke of their families in later years and so it was assumed that they were both only children, when in fact they both came from large families. An old family rumour is that Grace’s son Horace was the son of an Earl (Grace is found in the 1901 census living on own means in a boarding house). Horace lived in a boarding school in the 1901 English census with his cousin Violet Alice Louise Jezard born in 1890 (also suspected to be illegitimate) but unfortunately there is no trace of her in the 1891 English census, 1911 English census, any marriage and death (only her birth in 1890 and baptism in 1896).

    In the 1911 English census Herbert Solomon, Grace Solomon, Horace Courtenay (Grace’s illegitimate son) and Leslie Court (Edward Leslie Court) are living together. We know that Edward’s father Albert is still alive as we have found him in the 1911 English census but we cannot trace his mother Ruby Court in the 1911 English census.

    There is much more to this story but finding Edward and his family would be a wonderful start! Finding Violet and her family would also be wonderful – the families lived in the Kensington/Earls Court/Fulham area.

    Thank you very much for your help.
    Peter and Lorraine Courtenay

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