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  1. Peter Richard Mason
    6 November 2009

    I think that as certificates are payed for at the time of acquisition by in a lot of respects by your members of your family as such surely they are part of a families inheritance. Given also that the records are held the government and that the records are available to other government departments ie the police who have as far as I know do not have to pay or register to access these records why should the descendants.

  2. Colin Wood
    3 December 2009

    A year ago Ancestry allowed free access to record Vol & page. Not now. But who would pay for free access? Did the UK records get Ancestry to give free access when the records were given to them perhaps fo a limitted time?

  3. Annmarie Hatton
    28 October 2010

    I totaly agree,with very little litteracey skills and very little knowlage of my grandfather it has been imposibal to surch for any information. it seems we are hitting our heads against a brick wall when trying to colect information on my grand fathers birth death or even marrage.
    we even tried to trace the childrens home he had grown up in as a child (the brothers of kilkenny) the only information we have is his name John dunphy that he grew up in the christion brothers of kilkenny he was born 2 feb and beleive the year to be 1920. my mother would love to find out her roots as she remembers talk that she also had an uncle whom grew up in the brothers of kilkenny but has never met him and does not know his name as back then children was to be seen and not heard, and my grand mother was not very forthcomming with any information on this. Just finding out where he came from and if he had brothers or sisters would bring closure to a lot of un answerd questions and a life time of not knowing. it is so unfare that the government puts a block on our history and know more about us than we know our selfs. it is sad to know that one day we could all become just a forgoten number in the governmets archives not because we do not want to know our ancestors history but because the government chooses to with hold this information, I live in hope and pray that one day my elderly dissabled mother whom is in poor health and I will have the closer we very desperatly need.

  4. Val
    6 November 2010

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