Founders & Survivors Tasmanian Convicts 1803 – 1920

Founders & SurvivorsA friend Cath Ferguson sent me a link to this website, Cath is an experienced local historian and I have been helping her recently with the genealogy part of two of her local history stories. I’m encouraging her to set up a blog/website because her work is amazing and deserves a much wider audience.

Anyway Cath sent me the link to and it is a gem of a site. The front page states Founders & Survivors is a partnership between historians, genealogists, demographers and population health researchers. It seeks to record and study the founding population of 73,000 men women and children who were transported to Tasmania. Many survived their convict experience and went on to help build a new society.

What more can a family historian with ancestors who were sent out to Tasmania want?!! There is a search facility and a forum and also the ability to become a volunteer for the project. I did a search for ‘my’ John Silcock from Bullington, Hampshire, this is what was found …

  • Estimated birth year & place of birth
  • Sentence, place of sentence, trial date
  • Ships name, Captain & surgeon, port of departure, duration of voyage, arrival date
  • Gaol & Hulk reports, offence details
  • Physical description, marital status
  • Muster dates, Ticket of leave date

There will be many researchers who will wonder if any of their ancestors got a free passage to Tasmania because of some misdemeanor and this site is the place to find out.

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