Find My Past tv episodes now online

Find My Past genealogy tvDid you know that the episodes of the FindMyPast tv programmes are available online? I didn’t so I am assuming that some of you also had missed out on this news. The programmes are airing in the UK at the moment, but of course that is no good if you don’t live there or if you have missed an episode.

FindMyPast.co.uk will post on their website a link to each episode one week after it has aired. To view you need to register with FindMyPast and you have 30 days in which to watch the episode before it disappears. However if you are a subscriber to FindMyPast.co.uk then you can watch the episodes from series one and two for an unlimited time.

I watched the Jack the Ripper episode yesterday and whilst it wasn’t big on the genealogy process or the how to it was entertaining and I enjoyed it. I’ll certainly be working my way through the other episodes.


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