Faringdon Peculiar Probate Records Index

What is the Faringdon Peculiar Probate Records Index?

Faringdon Family HistoryPeculiars are parishes that have certain rights separate from their local Archdeaconry. One of these privileges can be the processing of wills and administrations and therefore the charging of fees for such work. The Berkshire Record Office have indexed the probate records for the Peculiar Court of Faringdon for the time period 1547-1853.

The Peculiar Court was under the jurisdiction of the Prebend of Salisbury, and covered the Berkshire parishes of Faringdon and Little Coxwell.

The Index is online as a PDF file on the Berkshire Record Office website.

What can I expect to find in the Faringdon Peculiar Probate Records Index?

  • Full name
  • Year of the proving of the probate
  • Residence of testator
  • Testator’s occupation
  • Type of document such as will, administration, inventory etc.
  • Berkshire Record Office Reference no.

Where can I find the actual documents?

The documents themselves can be consulted at the Berkshire Record Office.