Family History Lessons

Family History Lessons

Welcome to the world of family history !

To start off learning how to climb your family tree I recommend that you work through the lessons in the order listed below These lessons should help you trace your family back to at least to the early 1800’s.

1. Tracing Your Family History

2. Civil Registration

3. Census

4. Parish Registers

5. Wills post 1858

6. Magazines & Books

Once your have completed all five beginner lessons and browsed section 6 for magazines and books you will find useful then simply chose the lesson on whichever subject you need to know more about.

Some people might find they have military ancestors and others have folk who travelled abroad, whatever they did you will need to know what records are available so that you can find out more about their lives.

These lessons have been divided under the “Further Lessons in Family History”. Click on the tab to see what is there. I will be adding to these lessons/articles constantly.