England & Wales Maps 1896–1904 now on Ancestry

Ancestry MapsI thought Ancestry might give their subscribers a Christmas gift or two and this release is a useful addition to their genealogy offerings. Maps are essential to family historians, if you don’t know where your ancestors lived, was it a rural or an industrial location,which towns and villages were within walking distance, was there a railway or canal nearby? All this information can give important clues to the lives of your family.

This dataset comprises 122 Victorian maps dating from 1896. The maps show railways lines & stations, schools, roads, canals, public houses, farms and rivers & streams. The originals are the Ordnance Survey Revised New Series.

Unfortunately the individual maps aren’t dated on the database,but as the time period only spans six year I don’t suppose it matters greatly. Lastly there is also a facility to purchase a paper copy of the maps via a link to Cassini Maps.

A good addition to the Ancestry stable of genealogy resources.


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