Docklands Church Records Collection

Dockland AncestorsFindMyPast has added to their Docklands Church Records collection with baptisms for St Dunstan, Stepney 1689-1697, George In the East, Stepney 1893-1901 and St Andrews, Bethnal Green 1843-1876. This will please those folk with family history in this area of London. Genealogy can be quite a task when confronted with a large number of parishes in which your ancestors may have baptised their children, got married or buried their dead.

What is the Docklands Church Records Collection?

The records for the Docklands area of London were compiled by the late James Legon and are now under the care of his brother Jonathan and James’ wife Yvonne. James was an expert on this area of London and also on the Waterman & Lightermen who plied their trade on the river Thames. In 2008 the Legon’s began a partnership with FindMyPast which has allowed these valuable records to become available online. The project is to transcribe all the Church of England parish registers in the Dockland’s area, work is still in progress.

What area is covered by Docklands?

In large cities such as London it is vital that the family historian knows the area in which their ancestors lived and the parishes that comprised that area. Movement from one abode to another was a regular occurrence for the London working class so they may well have been married in one parish, had children baptised in a variety of other parishes and been buried in yet another.

Docklands Map Genealogy

Docklands includes much of the East End of London including Stepney, Whitechapel, Poplar, Wapping, Shadwell, Spitalfields, Ratcliff, Limehouse and the Isle of Dogs. Rotherhithe, Newington and Bermondsey on the opposite side of the Thames are included as are parts of Essex. There is a list of the parishes currently in the collection on the FindMyPast website in the Knowledge Base section.

What can be found in the Dockland Church Records Collection?

The records cover the period 1608 – 1933, but this does vary parish by parish. The collection comprises  baptisms, marriages and burials. The transcripts are a full copy of all the information in the register, so details may be found which would not be discovered else where.

The parishes in this collection mainly comprised working class people, mostly associated with the docks or in industries allied to the docks. The area was a cosmopolitan mix of people so some unusual names may be discovered in the registers.

Where can the Docklands Church Records be Found?

River Thames Family HistoryThere are two places where these records can be found. The first is run by the Logon family where the records may be purchased on CD or they can be searched for a “Pay As You Go” fee. There are also books and maps available for purchase.

The second place to find the records are on where the records are available as part of their subscription offerings. If you have a number of families living in the area then the FindMyPast site will probably be the most economical option.

These records are a wonderful resource for those with ancestors from this area. Without the work that has gone into compiling the transcripts it would be a long task tracking down ancestors who moved from one parish to another.


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