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Got this press release from Deceased Online today.

70,000 genealogy records for Herts go online

Deceased Online uploads burial records for two Hertfordshire councils

The UK’s only website for statutory burial and cremation records,, has added 70,000 burial records for two areas in the county of Hertfordshire.

Viewers of BBC TV’s Who Do You Think You Are will know that research into family history and genealogy is booming with millions of Britons – and globally many people linked through family connections with the UK – researching their ancestry and family trees. Deceased Online is the only specialist website which makes available through its web portal millions of statutory burial and cremation records (supplied by local authorities and private cemeteries and crematoria) which frequently provide important information in locating ancestors and provide information about them.

Deceased Online is a new venture but already it includes records from hundreds of cemeteries and crematoria across the UK from Aberdeen in north Scotland to Devon and including large parts of London and other cities. In Hertfordshire, two Borough Councils have so far placed their records on the website.

Broxbourne Borough Council includes the towns of Cheshunt, Waltham Cross, Hoddesdon and Broxbourne. Deceased Online has uploaded 40,000 burial records for the award-winning Cheshunt Cemetery (1855-2003, UK Cemetery of the Year 2005) and Ware Road Cemetery, Hoddesdon (1883-2003).

The Borough of Dacorum in West Hertfordshire comprises the main towns of Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring plus a number of large and small villages. Deceased Online now incorporates 30,000 records across four cemeteries which are: Heath Lane Cemetery (1878-2010) and Woodwells Cemetery (1960-2010) in Hemel Hempstead; Tring Cemetery (1894-2010); and Kingshill Cemetery, Berkhamsted (1947-2010).

The records available online for the two areas include digital scans of burial registers and details of grave occupants and for Broxbourne, photographs of approximately 30% of all memorials and headstones (where still legible) will be available shortly.

Those who wish to use the website need to register free of charge and then there are relatively small charges to access the records. The charge for most records is £1.50 each although photographs of memorials are £2.00 each and this revenue is shared 50-50 between Deceased Online and the local authority which supplies the data. Most councils and data owners charges substantially more than this for manual searches which are difficult and cumbersome to access.

A major advantage with Deceased Online is that users need not know the cemetery, town, city, county or local authority area where the person they are looking for was buried or cremated. Deceased Online enables UK-wide searching by name with a variety of search tools and filters to enable users to easily locate the subject of their search.

Deceased Online has registered users from some 50 countries worldwide. Their director Jamie Burges-Lumsden explained: “Online research into family history and genealogy is now conducted easily from the comfort of people’s own homes. As well as hugely successful TV programmes there are hundreds of magazines, the UK has the world’s largest genealogy exhibition and there are thousands of websites providing a range of data from births, deaths and marriages to census information. But until Deceased Online came along, no-one was providing easy access to burial and cremation records which are an important and missing link”.


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