Coroners Inquests – South Wiltshire 1868 – 1920

It’s amazing just what family history resources are on the internet. I’m working for a client whose ancestor was an eminent psychiatrist and ran a Lunatic Asylum that was commended for it’s care of patients, along the way I came across this website The site offers 1,867 press reports of Coroners Inquests for Salisbury and South Wiltshire 1868 – 1920.

Not all Coroners Inquests papers have survived, they are often culled after a certain length of time by the Coroner and they are also subject to the 100 year rule restricting access. However a coroners court was of great interest to the reading public of local papers so you will find very full articles on editions closest to the court sitting.

The site has a good description of what inquests are as well as some maps of where the accidents happened, the maps are being added to. The reports vary in length and detail, but all will name the deceased, witnesses and doctor who certified death. 

It should be noted that this isn’t a complete list of all inquests as the author has an interest in particular cases i.e. railway accidents, workhouse deaths etc. However it is well worth searching if you have ancestors in this area of Wiltshire. The author is to be commended for putting the time and effort into producing a website offering such useful genealogical material.

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