Canadian Genealogy Centre

If you have ancestors who emigrated to Canada by their own wish or with one of the many child orphan schemes then this is the first port of call in your search for them. Library & Archive Canada have produced a most helpful site.


  1. Jill Bailey says:

    A great aunt of mine was an officer in the Salvation Army and she emigrated to Canada and took up residence in Toronto. Her name was either Elizabeth or Maud Davies from Shoreditch in London. She may have been married by the time she emigrated when her surname would have been Huggett and her husband’s name George. I think she emigrated some time after the 1911 census in England. I would be most grateful if you can give me any information about her history with the Salvation Army. I am a committed Christian and she seems to be one of the only Christians in my family. Thank you.

    • Hi Jill,
      I don’t have any access to Salvation Army Archives so I am unable to help you. I suggest you contact your nearest Salvation Army Citadel and ask for their help.

  2. my great grandmother went to Montreal Canada in 1927 and apparently died there while visiting her daughter Grace Carruthers Tomson who belonged to the Salvation Army.

    1861 Born in Liverpool England
    died in Montreal Canada I think in 1927

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