British War Medal and the Mercantile Marine Medal in the First World War

The National Archives have announced that they have added 155,000 additional Merchant Marine Records to their Documents Online database. The records cover the 1914 – 1918 period of the First World War, rather appropriate as the 70th anniversary of Dunkirk was a couple of days ago.
Remember that you have to pay to see the full record, but searching the index is free.


  1. Trying to trace mercentile marine medals for my father ww1 and ww11

    his name George Bozman Born Liverpool 1900

  2. George Heaviside says:

    I have an empty envelope that contained, at one time, a Mercantile Marine War Medal (World War I) for my maternal grandfather – COULSON DYNE, born 8/1878 in Hartley, Northumberland and died Feb 1935.
    I am seeking more details of this award any anything else I can glean on this ancestor’s Mercantile Marine history. He served as a Master Mariner with Anglo-Iranian (previously Anglo-Persian. Are you able to help please?
    George Heaviside

  3. George Heaviside says:

    Could you pleasea dvise next step for me?

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