British Library Record to go online

The British Library & Findmypast have joined together to bring millions of records to the internet. The records come from the libraries collection of BDM’s from India and the UK Electoral Rolls up to 1932. These records will be of great help to genealogists especially the electoral rolls as they can be used in lieu of census not yet released.


  1. How do you access these electoral registers on line?

  2. I think that has some electoral rolls online, but it is expensive to use. Findmypast & Ancestry have said that they intend to put electoral rolls online, but as yet haven’t done so. Your local library might have some for their area and the county record office will have some historical ones.
    Good luck

  3. Hi Linda, thanks, yes I have done the archive bit re electoral rolls and poked into for the recent ones. Be great when some are online from 2 groups you mention.Janet

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