Black Country Genealogy

Black Country GenealogyThis website is one of seven connected websites that are a real treasure house of information for those with family from the Black Country. As I understand it the Black Country is comprised of West Bromwich, Oldbury, Blackheath, Cradley Heath, Old Hill, Bilston, Dudley, Tipton, Wednesfield and parts of Halesowen, Wednesbury and Walsall.

These sites contain images (almost 5,000 of them!), parish records, monumental inscriptions and much, much more. I couldn’t see who is the author of these sites, but whoever they are they are definitely a “Genealogy Hero” !!



  1. Linda,

    Can I bounce something off of you? I am researching my family from the Wednesbury area. My great grandfather John Connelly (in the record Connelly is spelled Conolly) was born Oct 4 1866 (record says oct 10 1863)and my great Aunt Maria Connelly (in the record is spelled Conneally) was born June 18, 1868 (the record says june 22, 1866) and they were both basptised at St. Mary’s on the hill. The mispelling of the last name doesn’t bother me their Parents were John Connelly and Roseanna Rice, but what I don’t understand is why my great grand father birth is listed as 1863 instead of 1866 and my great aunt is listed as 1866 instead of 1868?


    • Hi Mark,
      Sorry for the delay in replying to you. You need to assess both sets of records and decide which one is most likely to be correct. Are you sure you have the same people in both sets of records not two different sets of people? Did John Connelly & Roseanna Rice have a John born in 1863 who died and then another child who they named John in 1866? The same would apply to Maria.

      You are right in accepting that names can be spelled differently.

      I would suggest you search for the death/burials of children who died as infants.

      Hope this helps.


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