Baptist Magazine Index


3The Society of Genealogists has an increasing number of online datasets available to their members.  This index will add good background material for those with non-conformist ancestors.

Baptist Magazine index

The Society of Genealogists has in its possession a card catalogue of names extracted from the Baptist Magazine, on which this work is based. It includes several thousand births, marriages and deaths occurring in the magazine from the 18th and 19th centuries (the card draws are labelled 1809-1851 but there are a significant number of entries from outside these years). No indication is given in the index about how comprehensive it is.

A significant number of the entries relate to Baptist ministers, deacons and their families, and many women are listed. Some of the entries are particularly useful genealogically eg. Edward Foster’s father and grandfather are shown, together with their year of birth. Some of the entries do not appear in the RG 4 registers, so this may be the only record of a vital event.

The references at the end of each entry refer to the year of the Baptist Magazine (BM) in which the notice appears. Sometimes (but frustratingly not always) the page number is also given.

A complete set of the Baptist Magazine for 1809 – 1890 (except 1856) is held at Spurgeon’s College ( in South London. The Angus Library and Dr Williams Library also have good coverage of the title.

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