Background information

It is all very well collecting names and dates of christenings, marriages & burials, but to really get to know your ancestors you will need to research the world they lived in.

Wikipedia is a website that I turn to before any others for such information. I generally first search under the name of the person, you may be surprised by what you find that your ancestor did – good and bad! Then I search under the parish in which they lived, finally I search under any events – wars and such like to complete my picture of them.

clip_image002Take for instance Henry Pottinger, a name search gives me details of his birth, marriage & death, his parentage and career. There are links at the end of the page to pages on the history of Hong Kong and the Pottinger Baronets. A search on Mount Pottinger, County Down gives me data on the place where he was born and finally a search on the East India Company completes my quick, but effective research effort.

I recommend putting some flesh on your ancestors poor old dry bones using Wikipedia!

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