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clip_image002Many of us will have ancestors who ventured or were sent to Australia. A great resource apart from the usual births, marriages & deaths registers etc. is newspapers. The early newspapers recorded all the local gossip as well as national and international news so it is always worthwhile seeing if your family feature in them.

The National Library of Australia has scanned thousands of the old newspapers in their car and put them online and what’s more access is free. Great Smile

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  1. This resource has newspapers covering the years from the early 1800s to 1954. As well as news articles the personal notices of births, deaths and marriages are certainly a treasure trove for genealogists.

    I would say that Trove is now the favourite resource of most genealogists in Australia.

  2. Trove is a fantastic resource! I have found so many interesting things there. I second what Geniaus says, it’s now the favourite resource of most genealogists in Australia 🙂

  3. marggie says:

    I endorse this. I have found out so much about my ancestors – apart from confirming births, deaths etc. Some great photos too from the Sunday Mail (Adelaide). Makes the family tree seem more like real people rather than just names on pieces of paper.

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