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Got this query in from Tracey Lawton this morning –

Hi, I wonder if you can help.My father was adopted in 1947, and I have managed to find out that his father was named Joseph Simmonds  born in Staffordshire c.1910? My father seems to think that Joseph had some contact with or was looked after by the Salvation Army in Manchester. I am trying to trace where he died. Can you help
Tracey Lawton

Salvation Army GenealogyHi Tracey,

I’ve checked the FreeBMD indexes on for a birth for Joseph Simmonds circa 1910 in Staffordshire, but no luck. I then checked the death indexes for a Joseph Simmonds born 2 years either side of 1910, there were several entries and without further evidence it’s hard to know which one is yours as this stage. There was also nothing obvious on the 1911 census.

Where did you get the name and birth year from, was it a reliable source?

The Salvation Army have their own archives and may be able to help you

If your father is alive, he will be able to apply for a copy of his original birth certificate and also the file on his adoption. This website will be able to help him apply

Sorry not to be able to help you further, good luck with your search.




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