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Ancestry has changed how its search function works. As some of you may know there has been some problems of late with the site being down or operating slow.  Personally I used the search that opens on the home page and find that works well rather than the search that opens under the Search tab. Hope this makes sense!


This is the press release from Ancestry

For those of you that use the old search ui, you may notice that the links to the State and Country pages are now going to the new Card Catalog. First, be assured that your searches will still be in the old search interface, that has not been changed.

So why did we do this without telling you? As I’m sure many of you noticed the first few days of this week were not stable at times for the site. One of the culprits was the old state and country pages. They are based on code that has not been touched in about 5 years (that’s pretty ancient in terms of code and technology). These pages were incredibly inefficient and we made a choice between pulling those and getting the site more stable, or leaving them up and dealing with continuing site issues.

When you click on a link, say Texas, you will see all the titles we have that relate to Texas. Then you can use the “Filter By Collection”, “Filter by Location”, “Filter by Date” or “Filter by Language” or any combination of those to narrow in on the types of titles you are looking for.

You can also type a word into the Title search box or the Keyword(s) search box up on the top left hand corner to try and find specific titles as well.

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