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Now here’s a mystery !!! A couple of months ago when I was in Kent I bought a copy of “Discover Your Ancestors” Issue No. 1, the magazine was published in association with by DMG Publishing, there was no date on it  and I began to wonder if  issue no 2 never saw the light of day. I did email DMG asking if further issues were to be printed, but got no reply. So I think that issue 1 was the first and last one.

Anyway the point of this blog is, today, I did a Google Books search to see if The Complete Peerage was available (it isn’t) and came across back copies of the US magazine Ancestry. The magazine might be USA based, but there is plenty to interest English genealogists. For instance the December 2000 issue has articles on “The missing 11 days of 1752”, Who wants to be a royal heir?”, Basic tips to creating an effective newsletter, Exploring Danish roots etc. etc.

Available issues start January 1994 and run through to April 2010 when i think it stopped publication. The magazines can be read online and if you have an iPad or similar that means you can relax and enjoy a quality magazine for free.

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