Ancestry Livestream

Ancestry Livestream GenealogyDo you know about Ancestry Livestream? It is the official live events channel of and offers a video library that you can use at any time or you can book in and watch a genealogy expert give a talk on some aspect of family history.

It is true that many of the videos are US based, but it is worthwhile searching out those that you think would be helpful for your UK genealogy. For example I have clicked on the RSVP box next to the lecture on “Splitting or Combining Family Trees on Ancestry” it is so much easier to hear and see how do to do these things than to work out how to do them yourself. I shall be ready and waiting with note book at hand at 1pm ET 31 July to listen to Crista Cowan explain all.

Take a look at the video archive and also the list of forthcoming lectures and take advantage of this Ancestry facility.

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