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St Dunstan, Stepney records now online

St Dunstan Stepney baptisms

For the last few days Ancestry has been saying that they will be putting up a new set of records on the 24 October so I expected that FindMyPast would do the same ….. and I was right!!

St Dunstan, Stepney baptisms has been added to the Dockland’s Collection at FindMyPast. The additions 20,000+ records for the period 1697 – 1712. St Dunstan’s must have been a busy parish to have generated that number of baptisms over a 15 year period.

The transcripts have been provided by the team at Dockland Ancestors.

May I Introduce To You …. series

May I introduce to you series Genealogy

Today I am privileged to be one of the genealogy bloggers featured in the Geneabloggers “May I Introduce To You” series. Thomas MacEntee who runs Geneabloggers is a well known American genealogists who does great work in promoting family history through his blog posts and talks throughout the USA.

The “May I Introduce To You” series is compiled by Gini Webb who runs her own blog Ginisology and is an expert in German genealogy. Both Thomas & Gini’s blogs are well worth putting on your favourites list.

Ancestry sold to European Equity Firm

Ancestry genealogyThe big news today is that Ancestry is to be sold to a Private Equity Firm based in Europe for $1.6 billion. Presumably if the new owners think that Ancestry is worth such a huge amount of money they will want it to continue on it’s revenue gathering way. Hopefully there will be no one amongst the equity firm who decides that they will meddle with the way Ancestry operates and we can look forward to more records being added on a regular basis.

This sale shows that genealogy is big business world wide and is here to stay and that can only help the various archives around the world who are being threatened with closure. People value their heritage and want it preserved and I hope the sale of Ancestry will show those who hold the power to put money into archives that it will be money well spent.

Woolwich Cemetery Records now online

Our friends at DeceasedOnline have put up the finalWoolwich Cemetery records to complete the cemeteries managed by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The last upload was 80,000 records for Woolwich Cemetery.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich oversees five cemeteries & one crematorium

  • Eltham cemetery
  • Eltham crematorium
  • Charlton
  • Greenwich
  • Plumstead
  • Woolwich

The data for Woolwich Cemetery comprise:

  • Grave details indicating those buried in each grave
  • Scans of burial registers
  • Cemetery maps indicating grave locations
  • Some photographs of memorials and headstones

Emma Jolly is DeceasedOnline’s official blogger and she has some interesting articles at


image – Wikimedia – Dr Neil Clifton –

Family Search new additions

Northumberland Genealogy & Family HistoryFamilySearch has recently added another 19 million indexed and/or digital records to their website, the numbers are mind boggling and represent many, many hours of hard work. The new collections are from a variety of countries Austria, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Italy, Ivory Coast, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, United States, United Kingdom, and Venezuela.

The English addition is the Northumberland miscellaneous records 1570 – 2005 and are 16,799 browsable images added to existing records already online, these records are not indexed.

These miscellaneous records comprise Parish Registers, Electoral Registers, Nonconformist Records, and Parish Chest material, I’m not sure why they have been headed as miscellaneous as parish registers are hardly miscellaneous. However that is just nit-picking on my part and I am always very grateful to the LDS for so freely letting non LDS members use their wonderful resources.

It should be noted that these images can only be viewed by non-LDS members at a Family History Centre or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This is a requirement under the agreement between the Northumberland Archives and FamilySearch.

If you click on the link below it will take you to a page where you have two options, the first is to learn more about the collection and the second takes you to a page where you have the option to choose to browse either Cumberland, Durham or Northumberland records. If you click on the Northumberland link then you are presented with a further page listing the parishes covered.

As an example I chose the parish of Ford and this is what is on offer.Old Postcard - Ford Northumberland

  • Baptisms & Burials 1804 – 1812
  • Baptisms 1813 – 1858
  • Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1684 – 1724
  • Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1723 – 1750
  • Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1750 – 1810
  • Burials 1813 – 1848
  • Burials 1848 – 1909
  • Churchwarden Accounts 1841 – 1862
  • Confirmations 1837 – 1872
  • Confirmations 1875 – 1910
  • Marriages & Banns 1754 – 1819
  • Marriages 1813 – 1872
  • Marriages 1837 – 1906
  • Marriages 1928 – 1935
  • Offertory Collections in Ford Church 1843 – 1861
  • Poor Book 1794 – 1800
  • Vestry Meeting Minutes 1689 – 1768
  • Vestry Meeting Minutes 1769 – 1818
  • Vestry Meeting Minutes 1819 – 1861

So you can see that there are some great records available for searching if you have ancestors in the parish of Ford (sadly I don’t). Other parishes have electoral rolls and no parish records so you just have to hope that you are lucky with your particular parish. The collection is being added to all the time so keep checking back. I wonder when they will get round to Hampshire & Berkshire?!!!!