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The Genealogists Internet 5th edition

The Genealogists Internet 5th edition


The Genealogists Internet 5th edition edited by Peter Christian should be on every family historian’s book shelf. I can’t think of any genealogist who isn’t using computers and the internet now so this practical guide to the major family history websites is an essential piece of kit. The 5th edition is fully updated, the URL’s have been checked so they are working. There are articles on a variety of subjects and listings of family history societies.


Quaker Family History Society

Quaker Family History GenealogyDo you have Quaker’s on your family tree ? If so then you may already belong to the Quaker Family History Society, if not then I think you should check out this website and consider joining. The great thing about Quakers, from a history point of view is that they were wonderful record keepers often making note of everyone who attended their meetings.



Genealogy Family HistoryThe allied servicemen who spent time in wartime Britain were far from home and often lonely so it is hardly surprising that many found their true loves on these shores. Marriages were often arranged hastily before the grooms were posted far away.

Once peace had been established the problem arose on how to transport the brides to their new homelands. The wait for transportation could be lengthy and frustrating, but eventually the British brides were reunited with their husbands.

This website offers an index to brides who left Britain and travelled to United States, New Zealand, Australia and Canada. New names are being added to the index regularly so if you don’t find “your” missing person first time round remember to keep going back.