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WW1 Faces

clip_image002I have just come across the Imperial War Museum’s website set up to mark the centenary of World War 1. The website states …..

As part of the Imperial War Museum’s First World War Centenary Programme, photographs from the Museum’s ‘Bond of of Sacrifice’ are being uploaded to the photo-sharing site Flickr in a set called ‘Faces of the First World War’.

On Armistice Day 11.11.11, IWM made 100 previously unseen portraits of those who served in the First World War publically available for the first time on Flickr Commons.

IWM will continue to upload photographs to Flickr Commons every weekday until August 2014, the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

The Bond of Sacrifice is an archive of photographs collected by the IWM between 1917 and 1920. All of the photos tell a story. The men shown in them fought – and often died – for Britain and the Commonwealth during the First World War.

This is one of those websites where it would be worthwhile to set aside an evening to listen to the podcasts, read the articles and learn about the various projects that are being undertaken. There is even an interactive online family history course.

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Dorset Archives Catalogue

clip_image002These days the online catalogues for many of the county archives are very detailed and in some instances give enough information that you don’t require a copy of the original document.

I have just done a search of the Dorset Archives looking for any instances of the surname Lush and came up with quite a few entries that have given me some good leads.

The website also offers an online catalogue of Dorset images, but the link isn’t working. I must make a note and try again after the New Year holidays are over. There are research guides as well for those who are just venturing into genealogy.

Durham Records Online

clip_image002Over 3.5 million transcripts of parish registers, census, vestry minutes etc. are available on this website. The indexes can be searched for free and if you find something of interest then you can purchase credits. The cost per record seems to be £1.50, which is certainly cheaper than a trip to the Archives for most researchers.

The website is created by four genealogists; Holly Wanless Cochran, Tony Whitehead, George Turns & Ken Coleman.

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Database

clip_image002This website is a must for those trying to discover the fate of Jewish ancestors who perished during World War 2. There is the Shoah Victims Database, an online photo archive, educational material and much more.

I understand that the website was used in the making of the Stephen Fry WDYTYA episode. Not an easy area of research for genealogists, but one that may help family answer questions that have remained unanswered for several generations.


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Digging Up Your Roots–Scotland


BBC Scotland is asking for listeners who have a query or story that they wish to share to contact them so that the query/story can be considered for inclusion in the new radio series of “Digging Up Your Roots” that is starting in January.

Contact them at

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