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Guernsey Wikipedia


clip_image002What an excellent site is for genealogists with Guernsey connections. There is a separate Family History Section and also a Wikipedia called Donkipedia. Lots to look at on this site; A – Z of Guernsey families with family trees, articles, old photos, articles and selected books available to purchase or online.

Take a look!


Familysearch Problems

I see in various blogs and magazine articles that many people are finding the new familysearch website a challenge. I must say that I don’t find it as user friendly as the old site and I like to think I am reasonable computer & website savvy.

clip_image002This is so unlike the LDS who have always seemed to me to be top players in the online genealogy field. Don’t get me wrong I am very grateful to them for allowing the public access to their resources at no charge.

One of the main problems is that not all of the data has been brought across from the old site, I am not talking about the member submitted entries, but the extracted material. Like Sue Paul who wrote a letter to Your Family History magazine recently I have found that quite a few Bedfordshire parishes are missing. Also I use the batch number facility often to search a complete parish, but this seems to be almost impossible on the new website.

The good news is that the old site is still available and hopefully it won’t disappear into the ether before all the teething troubles of the new site have been solved. My solution to this problem, which I am sure is temporary, is to search both sites.

So here are links to

The Old Familysearch


The New Familysearch

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Manchester Records online at Findmypast


Findmypast have issued the following announcement….

For the first time ever, has launched a collection of records that relate to an entire city. The Manchester Collection provides an insightful snapshot into what life was like in the city of Manchester.

The records in the collection provide information about apprentices, cemetery records, industrial school registers, parish register transcripts, prison, school and workhouse registers.

You could make vital discoveries about your family’s past – whether you are aware of a Manchester connection or not – and these records provide rich information about how your ancestors lived.

Further details about the records are as follows:

Apprentices 1700 -1849

Baptisms & birth registers 1734 – 1920

Cemetery & death records 1750 – 1968

Industrial school registers 1866 – 1912

Marriage registers 1734 – 1808

Prison registers 1847 – 1881

School registers 1870- 1916

Workhouse registers 1859 – 1911

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Irish Parish Registers on Ancestry

Irish CatholicsOn the front page of Ancestry they have an announcement that they now have Roman Catholic parish registers 1742 – 1884 online. At the moment if you click the link it takes you no-where, but I am sure in the next few hours that they will be online. I have noticed this before with Ancestry the announcement goes up followed by the link a few hours later – no doubt different departments!!

Anyway good news for those with Irish ancestry. Go online click the link and when it starts working you never know who you might find!!

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New Records on Deceased Online

The good people at Deceased Online are about to add another 61,000+ records to their site. The records are of Eltham Crematorium (also known as Falconwood). The Crematorium  is situated in the London Borough of Greenwich and the records cover 1998 – 2011 so quite recent. Earlier records will be put online in the very near future.


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